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Our History

Our church first started in 1942.  So we’ve been around for 78 years! The Spanish-speaking congregation of our church started in 1984.  We belong to an association of 80 churches called the Pacific Church Network (PCN), a new label for the Conservative Baptist Churches of Southern California. You’ll find our PCN churches as far west as American Samoa and Hawaii, as far north as Seattle, Washington, and as far south as San Diego. We are also part of 8 other sister regions in the United States called the Conservative Baptist Churches of America, and an international group of churches around the world called Conservative Baptist Global. In all, there are approximately 3,000 sister churches around the world. Our churches were started in the 1940’s by a missionary agency called World Venture. We also have a mission agency called Mission’s Door that focused on home missions when it started.


About God in general:

We believe in one true, living, eternal, and personal God who made everything that exists (‘his creation’). He is very unique because even though he is one God, he exists as three distinct personal entities known as the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. What he made says something about what he is like, but there is nothing in all of his creation that corresponds or explains exactly this unique way of being: three persons in one God. And it makes sense, because all throughout the Bible he makes it clear that although he is present in his creation, and he relates and interacts with his creation (immanence), he is above, beyond and separate from his creation (transcendence). He’s both immanent and transcendent!

How God communicates to humans:

Throughout history, God has communicated to human beings in many ways that fall under two general categories: self-disclosure through what he has made, and self-disclosure through special communication (Psalm 19). The highest and best way of making himself known was through Jesus Christ, and today we have the Scriptures (the Bible) that is his preferred special communication to humans. In fact, the Scriptures are the way we check and verify all other types of communication like personal experience or dreams.

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